Friday, October 14, 2011

Sydney to Adelaide via Great Ocean Road - Part 1 Melbourne

The Plan
Travelling from Sydney to Melbourne, along the Great Ocean Road then up to Adelaide, to the Grampians then back to Sydney. About 5000 kms
 A rare platypus sighted from the bridge over the river right in the middle of Benala.
View from the lane near our apartment of the  Exhibiton Building Melbourne
Watercolour and coloured pencil sketch

As we were coming home from dinner we heard this loud music. as the night was still young we followed our ears and found an outdoor skating rink outside the exhibition building. Interesting find in September in Australia. We purchased some crepes from a couple from Brittany and watched the fun. Thought about hiring some skates, but it was way too early in the trip, for  broken ankle, so I chickened out.
We stayed just off Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. it is very quirky area with lots of interesting speciality shops uniquly decorated. Check the one below with a giant flower attracting bees.
One of the reasons we stopped in Melbourne was to see the Klimt and Schiele paintings at the National Gallery of Victoria.

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