Sunday, January 31, 2010

Minnie Waters, Coincidence and Nicholas Harding

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Oil on Canvas 12 x 10 inches (500x 600mm)

Before a recent painting session with my friend Steve we were discussing coincidences and instances of chance that had happened recently. As a topic for the days painting Steve picked a photo of Minnie Waters that I had taken on a recent trip to the north coast.
The next day we went to the Nicholas Harding exhibition entitled "Drawn to Paint" at the National Trusts SH Ervin Gallery, and coincidentally Minnie Waters makes more appearances in this exhibition.

I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition which covers the last 25 years of Nicholas practice. We see a wide range of subjects encompassing still lifes, beachscapes, portraits and urban scenes executed in his trademark thick oils and wonderful drawings in ink , charcoal etc. His composition skills are exceptional, & the drawings which don't play second fiddle to the paintings are exceptional. In them we see how he breaks through the surface to add new dimensions to the tonal qualities of the surface.

Magnolias - Nicholas Harding

It was interesting to see the evolution of his work from a murkier colour seemingly painted straight from the tube in "strings", to the current energetic light flooded works with large planes of thick luscious colour applied with a large palette knife. Well worth while visiting to see the large painting of the concourse at Central Station alone. More Nicholas Harding paintings at his website here

My painting of Minnie Waters is for sale click here to contact me , or click below to buy it unframed for Aust$295 (approx US $265) plus shipping and insurance (A$20 in Australia or A$40 (approx US35) overseas).

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