Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sydney to Great Ocean Road - Part 3 from Apollo Bay

Cape Otway - looking east from the lighthouse.

Koalas - Cape Otway
I have lived in Australia for over 40 years and whilst I am mainly a city boy I have  never seen a Koala in the wild - until now. Every tree driving back from the Cape Otway Lighthouse had a Koala in it, and some with a joey (baby)  like this one. Quite amazing.
Gibsons Steps
Oil on Canvas 6.5 x 5 inches ( 12 x 7 cm)

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A kilometre or so before the 12 Apostles rock formation, where one is not allowed on the beach. Climbed down some very steep steps to get to the beach. It was so very peaceful painting on the beach with only the sond of the surf. 
   a flotilla of buses disgorged a hundred or so tourists and they all clambered down and made so much noise. After about 10 minutes they all disappeared back up and it was peaceful again I guess they had their 10 mintes and were off for 10 minutes somewhere along the road.

12 Apostles, Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road
Watercolour, Goauche, pen and pencil on paper

For Sale $95 plus $15 shipping / insurance
Loch Ard Gorge

Named after the ship that floundered here in 1878 after a 3 month voyage from England to Melbourne/ Only two of the 53 passengers survived, having been washed ashore here.
London Arch , Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The inner arch collaped in 1990 and two tourists were stranded on the outer part of what was then known as "London Bridge"  Fortunately there were no injuries and the tourists were rescued by helicopter.
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