Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Central Australia - East MacDonnell Ranges Part 2 : Trephina Gorge

One of the highlights of our trip to the MacDonnell Ranges was the day spent painting and sketching at Trephina Gorge, about 85 kms east of Alice Springs. The landscape consists of sheer red rock quartzite cliffs with a shallow sandy creek running through, fringed by river gums.

Trephina Gorge
Acrylic on Paper
 on 300gsm watercolour paper
I unintentionally, but consistently painted a face in nearly all the rock faces that I drew or painted.

Trephina Gorge 2
Acrylic on Paper
16 x 6 inches (40 x 15 cms) on 300gsm watercolour paper
It was quite a hot day and the acrylic paint needed to be consistently sprayed to keep it workable. I
used a "stay wet palette" & did enjoy using acrylic on this trip. I was able to get a less finished look than I normally get with my usual oils, The rougher paper texture helped, as well as the need to paint quickly before the painting dried.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First Light MacDonnell Ranges - Finalist St George Art Award

Continuing on from my previous post about my trip to Central Australia a few of us rose early one morning to catch the sunrise at a hill behind our camp at Ross River.

The light was something very special and as the sun peeped over the Macdonnell Ranges it sent out its first rays illuminating the river into a sparkling sliver of light.  So when I arrived back home, it was one of the memories that had to be painted.
24 x 24 inches (61 x 61cm)
Oil on Canvas
The 2012 St George Art Award is a national prize which has the theme of "New Beginnings". My painting capturing the start of a unique new day fitted well with this criteria. Fortunately it has been chosen as a finalist for the prize.

The prize will be announced on Friday 19 October 2012, and the exhibition will commence on Saturday 20 October - Sunday 16 December 2012 at:-
Hurstville Museum and Gallery
14 MacMahon Street
Hurstville  (Tues - Sat  10am to 4pm, Sunday 2-5 pm)

I have just released some new paintings, inckuding these shown below.

Pont des arts paris france oil painting Red PoppiesPainting Nocturnal St James Sydney

These paintings and the other new ones can now be seen at my website http://www.marshstudio.com./newpaintings.html

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Central Australia - East MacDonnell Ranges

Just back from a trip to the Red Centre of Australia. The first week was spent with a group of painters, photographers, etc. about 80kms east of Alice Springs around Ross River. We stayed in cabins in sub zero nights. It was the first time that I have experienced frozen pipes since I was a boy in Scotland. 

We had our meals from a mobile camp kitchen around a very welcome campfire, with a trip by 4WD bus to a different area each day.  It was a great experience being in the midst of the the unique palette of the outback. 

The Road to Ross River, East MacDonnell Ranges,
Acrylic and Watercolour
16 x 6 inches (40 x 15 cms) on 300gsm watercolour paper

Acrylic & watercolour paint were more convenient to use on this trip, & the paintings were painted plein air (on site).
One of the highlights was the brightness & density of the stars, particularly the Southern Cross and the Milky Way. Everyone tells you how amazing the skies are at night in the outback, but you can't appreciate the extent until you see it. Whilst the Southern Cross is visible in Sydney, the milky way can't be seen by eye.
The Great Walls of China, East MacDonnell Ranges,
Acrylic and Watercolour
16 x 6 inches (40 x 15 cms) on 300gsm watercolour paper
More to come in part 2.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sketches from Clarke Point, Woolwich, Sydney

Back rummaging  around Sydney. Whilst it is the midst of summer it has been very wet and cool here (wettest and coolest since the 1950s).One of the joys of sketching is that it makes you get out, and I am discovering all these places that I have never been to before. I have become a tourist in my own city. Today went to Clarke Point at Woolwich which has expansive views of the harbour, and a killer one of the bridge in the distance. 

The area also has a great pub nearby for lunch, ( Woolwich Pier Hotel) which has great views from the upper balcony.
Sydney Harbour Bridge from Clarke Point
Watercolour, Gouache, Ink on watercolour Paper
12 x 23 cm  ( 9 x 4.5 inches)
I think that the view above will make a good subject for a large oil.
Cockatoo Island from Woolwich
Watercolour, Gouache, Ink on watercolour Paper
13 x 20 cm ( 8 x 5 inches)
A few years ago sketched of Cockatoo Island from Elkington Park on the southern side of the harbour - click to see it here

There are a couple of new small oil paintings on my other blog "Painting Light"
Lavender Bay on New Years Day

Mount Ventoux, Provence France

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Painting Light - A New Blog featuring my Small Oils

Hope you all had a great Christmas and wishing you a very happy & prosperous New Year.

I have started a new blog "Painting Light" which will feature my new small oil paintings, released as they are completed.  Two paintings that will appear on this new blog over the next week appear below. Both are oil paintings and priced at $99.

Three Cherries on a Shelf

Vines near Mount Ventoux, Provence, France

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This blog "A painted Journey" will continue to feature drawings and travel sketches.