Wednesday, October 13, 2010

L'escargot Rue Montorgueil Paris

Rue Montorguil is on the right Bank near Les Halles. It was the subject of a famous painting by Monet who painted it from a balcony in the street depicting it full of flags during the World Fair of June 1878. More info at this link

If you loo closely at my painting you will see the golden snail which is the sign for the famous restaurant L'Escagot.

Rue Montorgueil Paris

Oil on Canvas 12 x 10 inches (500x 600mm)

This painting and some of my other paintings of Paris & Venice are now on display & for sale at Edmonds and Greer, Oatley, Sydney. This painting has now been sold. However prints are now available here at

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Notre Dam Cathedral Paris

I haven't posted for a while as I have been in France & The Netherlands. A great place to start posting the sketches & paintings is a small watercolour of a classic view of Notre Dam.

Watercolour with Pen 8 x 5 inches (approx 20 x 12cm) on paper.

This painting of Notre Dam is for sale for $100 plus $20 shipping click here to contact me.